Applied Management - Equity Leadership and Mentoring, B.S.


You’re a busy, talented, productive and valued member of the workforce. You’re a problem solver. You learn by doing, and your experiences on the job have shaped who you are today. You also aspire to contribute more OR enhance your job performance, building on your life lessons with new, next-level and practical knowledge and skills that benefit your employer and your career and family. Our bachelor’s degree completion program with an emphasis in Equity Leadership and Mentoring provides just that. Designed for community college graduates with Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees, this 40-credit online program launches your climb up the career ladder.

Admission Requirements

Admission is limited to students with AAS degrees in disciplines directly related to the program emphasis or to students with AA/AS degrees who can demonstrate significant and relevant professional experience.

Why Choose the NIU BSAM-ELM Degree?

  • Quality, affordable education from a leading public university.
  • Bridge your associates degree directly to completing your bachelor’s degree.  Use an AAS degree related to the discipline or an AA/AS degree with prior learning credit available for the relevant technical knowledge and skills you have developed.
  • Receive support in creating your Prior Learning Professional Assessment Portfolio with a course focused on step-by-step portfolio construction. 
  • Award-winning online instruction.
  • Access to numerous resources as you navigate the challenges of a full adult life of work, family and school.

Example Careers Include:

  • Training and Development Managers
  • Training and Development Specialists
  • Education Coordinators
  • Outreach Coordinators
  • Assessment Coordinators
  • Museum Directors
  • Museum Coordinators
  • Park District Managers
  • Park District Coordinators

Real-world Learning

The NIU College of Education embeds diverse, real-world learning opportunities in its programs.

  • You will complete an internship in kinesiology to expand your understanding of the scientific principles that regulate behavior change and performance, such as physiology, biomechanics, psychology, measurement, gerontology and nutrition.
  • Our core curriculum is immediately applicable in your daily work, including in fiscal management, emerging technology, digital content design and employee engagement. 

Inclusive Curriculum

Society is evolving around us as our communities, workplaces and schools increasingly reflect a rich and diverse fabric of races, ethnicities and identities. The NIU College of Education cultivates an inclusive, safe and inviting space where all people, ideas and points of view are welcome.  To nurture learning and growth, our faculty respect and appreciate the perspectives you bring to the classroom. Your coursework, meanwhile, will explore best and emerging practices in culturally sensitive education, multiculturalism, social justice, advocacy, spirituality, supporting English Language Learner and more.


BKST 211
or LTIC 301
Educating for Cultural Sensitivity (3)
Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective (3)
COUN 425 Human Relations and Skills Strategies (3)
EPS 300 Human Motivation and Learning (3)
EPS 418 Human Motivation and Learning (3)
EPFE 302 Advocacy, Justice and Leadership in a Diverse Society (3)
EPFE 430 Comparative and International Education (3)
EPFE 440 Education for Social Justice (3)
LEEA 329 Spiritually Centered Leadership (3)
LEEA 327 Mentoring Diverse Populations (3)
LTIC 400 Introduction to Teaching English Language Learners (3)
LTIC 420 Methods and Materials for English Language Learners (3)
KNPE 233 Career Development and Academic Success in Kinesiology and Physical Education (1)
KNPE 365 Intro to Adventure Education (3)
KNPE 494 Internship in Kinesiology (1-6)